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Order Disorder

Artygladys has produced a series of monoprints using a range of vintage wooden type, with one initial cunningly picked out in red. These can be printed to order, although there are a number in stock. Get your own red-letter day. £30, mounted on card and includes p&p


The image will fit a 12 x 16″ frame

Add a little glass to your day…

ArtyGladys has now finished a limited edition of ‘versioned’ monoprints. (A run of prints not exactly identical, but with variations that are due to the nature of ‘monoprinting’)

These prints are designed to add a gentle reminder to the well-being of the recipient!

Priced at £15 each they can be wrapped and sent with a personalised note . P&P £3.50

These are printed on a thick cardstock and just over A4 in size


ArtyGladys is very pleased that our design for a special logo has been approved. Watch out for more information about this very special event. Chin-chin!

ArtyGladys meets Walrus and Oyster

DODGSON: LOOKING GLASS. “The time has come,” the Walrus told the Carpenter and the Oysters, “to talk of many things”: after the design by Sir John Tenniel for the first edition of Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass.”

..and they are getting along very well. Walrus and Oyster’s creative gift emporium is now open again in Burgate. Stocked with items from local makers, it’s a great place for the unusual and weird, and we don’t just mean the customers and staff.

You can see more about Walrus and Oyster on their Facebook page.

Here is a map of Burgate area in Canterbury. The shop is along from the Cathedral entrance.

Fresh stock and some old jokes…