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Recent work

This was a commission print for a special anniversary. ArtyGladys loves a challenge , so get in touch if you would like something custom made for your special occasions.
…and looking ahead to Saint Valentine’s Day
Another limited edition (versioned) mono print


All the Right Notes



Kafka’s Grand Tour


Talking Big Numbers


Limited edition linocut

Limited edition (10) lino cut, hand coloured.


Hive-ho! is a run of ten hand coloured lino cuts. It has been keeping me beesy!

Secret postcard auction submissions

These images were created for a secret postcard auction at Margate Caves, to fund their refurbishment and to develop a community centre. They sold for a massive 20 quid each!

Here are the revealed prints

You can find out more on the Margate caves on Facebook page or via

A tribute to Jiri Kolar

Monoprint and collage, A3

Version II references Kolar’s correspondence with Beatrice Bizot

This one? It’s called Red and ED


‘Five’ series

Letterpress and collage, size A4

Two more to come. Can’t fault the maths!

Look Before You Leaf

Letterpress and leaf monoprints, A6

Just the ticket

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